Founded in 2004, Ibercibus is dedicated to the marketing and distribution of frozen meat and poultry products of major international and national producers.

With a continuous track record of expansion, we currently hold offices both in Spain (Seville, Madrid & Barcelona) and abroad (Argentina, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece & Poland) from where we supply and cater for our customers and suppliers needs. Our objective to be able to serve and adapt to their particular markets with maximum efficiency.

The youth of this company is backed by extensive experience in the food sector not only by its founders but also by the team of professionals that make up the company with over 25 years presence in the distribution markets; a fact that in addition to the quality of our products has allowed us to consolidate the commercial relationships Ibercbus has with the major companies in the Spanish food industry, aswell as progresively increasing our international prescence; Achieving in this way sustainable growth in the company`s volume of business.

Our objective as a company is to offer our clients the best products with the best service. To achieve this we have developed close relationships with the main producers both at home and internationally, and In addition to this we carry out our own management of the entire import process, and have agreements with the main cold storage platforms at home and abroad where we store and distribute our products against customer demand. Hence we can guarantee traceability of products from origin to destination, knowing at all times there status and location and allowing leading companies in the industry to trust and count on our products and services.

Our offices are located in Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona, Argentina, Uk, Italy, Greece, Germany and Poland.

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